Pastor’s Corner

By Lowell Petry

September/October 2015

Greetings in the Name of Christ!

Part of the reality of being a pastor is that many aspects of your personal life are on display to everyone: birthday, anniversary, illnesses, salary, etc. are all well documented.

The worst kept secret in the past several weeks has been my birthday (Sept. 11th). Ever since that fateful 9 /11 day when airline hijackers changed our nation’s psyche forever, my birthday wish each year has simply been that nothing bad happen on my birthday.

The Sunday before my birthday was on the 6th this year. That morning I detected something very unusual, for those of you who were not there. A whole lot of people; too many people; where wearing my favorite color-orange. The churches I have served in the past have always treated me kindly on my birthday; but for the people of Rodes to do something like that was overwhelming for me.

Sometimes the greatest gifts do not cost anything. Your show of acceptance was priceless and I assure you it will never be forgotten. It is a story I will tell and retell long after I retire.

I do feel affinity for some of the people who did not wear orange on September 6th. I hope they do not feel left out. I too did not wear orange that particular Sunday, so I was one of them. There is a lesson to be learned here. God blessed me by allowing me to witness something extraordinary. There are times in life when we are an active part of God’s little miracles, and sometimes when we are (like the shepherds at the manger) merely witnesses. One is no less important than the other.

So, be blessed. In all things, be blessed. If you wore orange, be blessed. If you did not wear orange, but where there, be blessed. If you were somewhere else that Sunday and missed the spectacle, then bless you in whatever you were doing, knowing that there was loving church waiting for you to return next Sunday. There are people who are not in a church where such love abides. There are some people who are not in a church community at all.

So . . . God bless all of you!